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มีผู้ชม 1253 ครั้ง


Accurate temperature control by PID auto-tuning function

Built-in timer (99hr 59min)
Uniform heat distribution on the heating plate
Max. temperature 380℃
Ideal for the heating of small vessels (HP120D)
Easy to use in narrow space, Small and compact, space-saving design
Various size of the top plate
Hot plate  digital 
  By use of the temperature controller with function of the built-in digital PID auto-tuning, control temperature accurately and confirm set temperature and actual temperature at the same time  Ceramic coated top plate provides excellent chemical-resistance, thermal-proof, and corrosion-resistance
 Temperature controller with built-in timer function (99hr     59min)  Possible to control the temperature of the sample with     external sensor(Option)
 High-heat conductivity of top plate provides thermal     uniformity over the entire heating surface  
Model HP120D HP150D HP180D
Type Hot plate
Temperature Range Max. 380℃
Accuracy ±1℃
Controller Digital PID auto-tuning
Timer 99hr 59min
Heater power 350W 480W 680W
Top Plate Ceramic coated top plate
Dimensions Plate area(mm) 120×120 150×150 180×180
Overall(W×D×H)(mm) 160×280×107 160×280×107 200×310×107
Electrical supply 220V 50/60Hz or 110V 50/60Hz
Weight 2Kg 2.1Kg 2.9Kg