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Mtops HSD120-03P,HSD150-03P

มีผู้ชม 1088 ครั้ง


Three-In-One Hot plate stirrers

Individually controlled stirring and heating positions with digital display
Max. temperature : 380℃
Precise temperature control by PID auto-tuning, built-in timer (99hr 59min)
Max. speed : 1500rpm
Feedback speed control with Digital display
Excellent precision and accuracy of the temperature and speed control
Ideal for several applications at one time
Multiple type and compact design
Hot plate & stirrer Digital

 It is individually controlled stirring and heating positions  It is individually controlled stirring and heating positions     that let you perform different applications simultaneously
 It is possible to change stirring speed and heating     temperature on same and different condition  Ceramic coated top plate provides excellent chemical     resistance, thermal-proof, and corrosion resistance
 By use of the temperature controller with function of th built-in PID auto-tuning, control temperature accurately and confirm set temperature and actual temperature at the same time  Bright white color lets you easily view stirring processes
 Temperature controller with built-in timer function (99hr     59min)  High-heat conductivity of top plate provides thermal     uniformity over the entire heating surface
 Possible to control the temperature of the sample with     external sensor.(Option)  Smooth acceleration of stirring speed ensures no spillage
 Digital display of stirring speed and precise speed by     feedback control.  
Model HSD120-03P HSD150-03P
Type 3 Positions
Temperature Range Max.380℃
Accuracy ±1℃
Controller Digital PID auto-tuning
Timer 99hr 59min
Heater power 350W×3 480W×3
Stirring Speed 100~1500rpm
Speed display Digital
Capacity(H2O) up to 1L up to 2L
Speed Controller Feedback control
Top Plate Ceramic coated top plate
Dimensions Plate area(mm) Each 120×120 Each 150×150
Overall(W×D×H)(mm) 480×260×125 510×300×125
Electrical supply 220V 50/60Hz or 110V 50/60Hz
Weight 7.3Kg 8.3Kg